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Digital Workplace

Make your people more effective and efficient, transforming communication and collaboration with digital workplace technology.

Productive, connected, empowered people are essential to the success of any organisation – all businesses need to provide their staff with a digital workplace to ensure they can be effective wherever and whenever needed.

A rapidly changing technological, political and environmental landscape means that businesses must be agile and flexible – reacting to opportunity quickly, making informed decisions fast and enabling their people to get the most out of themselves and each other through collaboration.




Transform Your Workplace Today‎

Agility must not compromise the security or reliability of those services – sensitive personal and company data must be kept secure; mission-critical communications services must always be available and business continuity must be guaranteed.

Digital workplace technology and services from Maintel deliver this flexibility without sacrificing quality or reliability – providing employees with the tools they need to be productive and effective wherever they are, whenever they are needed.

Embrace Digital Transformation

Today’s digital workplace needs to enable employees to:

  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues wherever they are located

  • Meet remotely with colleagues and customers, without compromising quality

  • Be productive and effective at home, in the office, on the move or in the field

  • Manage documents and data securely.

Increasingly organisations are looking to provide these services from the cloud – maximising their flexibility and ability to adopt new tools and freeing them to focus on their own businesses.

Digital Workplace and Mobility Services

Unified Communications

Communications have changed, and organisations who have recognised and acted on this are giving themselves a head start in a competitive landscape.

Mobility Services

Managed Mobile Services

Our solutions provide your users with the functionality and experience that is expected from a modern smartphone, whilst providing complete data security and the ability to effectively manage your mobile workforce.

Document Solutions

Your document environment is a key element of your IT infrastructure and capturing, processing, storage and distribution of documents are still fundamental requirements for your people

“If your organisation lacks the experience and skills in-house to successfully deliver complex digital transformation projects, enlisting the help of a partner who can act as a trusted advisor and handle the specialist responsibilities for you could be the best approach to take.”

Tim Hiscox, Head of Digital Workplace,

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