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Maintel for Utilities

Remain competitive in today’s highly regulated environment by operating efficiently and empowering customers to reduce consumption with innovative digital technology.

Customer demand for a great service experience, delivered in an affordable and sustainable manner continues to grow. The utilities market has never been more competitive and price increases are heavily regulated.

Now is an opportune time for utility organisations to update their operating models by embracing digital transformation to significantly enhance operational efficiency and improve service experience.


The pace of change in the utility industry is accelerating. The landscape is shifting, driven by greater demands from the Government and rising expectations of customers.


A great service experience at a competitive price, whilst adhering to complex regulation and maintaining the ability to switch providers, are now priorities.


Maintel works with utility organisations to increase productivity, respond to regulation, and help their customers reduce consumption by leveraging innovative communication technology.


Maintel Solutions for Utilities


Stay safe and be compliant

Utilities have unique safety responsibilities because of the potentially hazardous nature of their operating environments. These requirements come with stringent compliance and security regulations that must be adhered to across the entire organisation.

Empower your employees

Utility organisations are typically highly distributed, regionally based, and dependent on excellent communications to operate efficiently. Ensuring that your workforce is engaged, motivated, and digitally enabled is key to maximising their productivity. 

Attract and delight customers

Maintel understands that customer experience is paramount for utilities. From sales to in-life service, expectations are high and competition is intense. Maintel’s extensive utility sector experience means that we understand these industry challenges and can effectively help to address them.