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Be competitive by driving down costs, increasing customer engagement. Effectively integrate your online and in store experience, whilst ensuring customer data is secured

There’s never been a better time to redefine the retail experience. By interconnecting stores and capturing data, new insights can be gained into what customers are buying and how they buy it.  

Retail Digital Transformation

Hear from our Chief Strategy Officer, Rufus Grig, on disruption and digital transformation in the retail sector at the 2019 TalkTalk Business Connectivity Matters Summit at the Ministry of Sound. 

The lines between physical and digital retail are blurring. Customer expectations are higher than ever and competition is fierce, but getting it right can have a positive impact on sales.


Maintel can deliver communications solutions that help improve in-store customer experience, increase business efficiency, and deliver operational speed and agility. We’ve got the technology, experience, and knowledge to enable your transformation journey.


Today’s customers expect their in-store and online experiences to reflect one another. Modern retailers must be truly connected to deliver consistent customer experiences  through multiple channels and touch points.

Leading transformation in Retail

Technology plays an important role in driving efficiency and consistency in customer engagement. It can automate repetitive processes and free-up employee time to deliver exceptional customer service.

The threat of cyber attacks is significant, and data loss is more than just bad news – it can be catastrophic for brand reputation. Ensuring you are protected from vulnerabilities is essential.

Timely responses and a consistent customer experience both online and in-store can be a real competitive advantage in a world where customers have short attention spans and countless choices. Every retailer is unique and needs to understand their customer’s buying behaviour.

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